College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS)


All first-year students are required to take math and chemistry placement tests. 

Transfer students with majors that require Chemistry beyond Introductory Chemistry (1015/17) are required to take the chemistry placement test.

Note: If your proposed major is Applied Economics or Agricultural Food and Business Management, the Chemistry placement test is optional.

Note: If you are a transfer student and your major is Agricultural Education, Agricultural Communication & Marketing, or Animal Science the Chemistry placement test is optional as the equivalent to Introductory Chemistry (1015/17) is required for admission.

Most transfer students do not need to take placement tests because they have already completed mathematics and chemistry courses. However, if you have not completed a college-level mathematics or chemistry course, you must take a placement test to determine where you should begin your coursework at the University of Minnesota. While it is difficult to judge which of your transfer courses would be considered to be sufficient, mathematics courses designated as college algebra or beyond generally would be appropriate.

Chemistry courses should have had a title such as general chemistry or principles of chemistry. Any course equal to the U of MN math course 1031/1051 or above, and/or chemistry courses 1015 & 1017 Introductory Chemistry and lab or 1061 and 1065 Chemical Principles I and lab are sufficient for you not to have to take the placement tests.

Tests are offered in mathematics and chemistry. Mathematics testing will be for either algebra or calculus placement. The test you take will depend on your proposed major program and previous math experience.